News Brief: Yasser Shokr One Among Many Egyptian Civilians Being Charged For Crimes They Have Not Committed


Editor’s Note: Yasser Shokr is one among many Egyptian civilians who have been imprisoned at an alarming rate since the fourth anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution earlier this year on January 25, 2015. Over the course of this year, Egyptian men, women, and children are being attacked, imprisoned, kidnapped, and even some have been executed–charged by military dictator el-Sisi’s coup government with crimes they did not commit to squelch opposition to the military coup and peaceful protests and support for a free, democratic government to once again be restored in Egypt.

Yasser ShokrYasser Shokr’s nephew sent an update on his uncle’s current situation, explaining that Egyptian authorities have falsely accused him in attempt to extinguish all opposition and Morsi supporters and anyone suspecting to support any opposition to the current el-Sisi military regime.

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