Our Emerging Manifesto

As the people’s manifesto emerges… we realize…

What Dr. King stood for was not a message of comfort or convenience… his was a radical call for justice and action… standing up to the power structure, the status quo, the oppressors. Remember the Montgomery Bus Boycott? The “I Am a Man” sanitation workers’ march in Memphis? The People’s March in Washington, D.C?  His was a growing movement and awakening that became ever more powerful… and then, his voice was extinguished.

The power of The People will ensure that no longer will a movement be able to be extinguished by removing or silencing one of its visionaries… One by one we will continue to step up and #SpeakTruthToPower. There is no one leader, the people begin to lead together. This is the message of Gandhi and King.

With social media and the rising awareness of the people, we are calling out the lies. We wiill Speak Truth To Power. Make no mistake, the people will win. It is time… Dig deeper into the stories you see in mainstream media and question the grand narrative being pushed by “The Power Structure.” We must open our minds. #QuestionAuthority… We must #SpeakTruthToPower #MediaTellTheTruth

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