Petition of the Week: Ban Fracking Federally!


Tap Water

(–Scott Noren of Ithaca, New York has created a bold petition to Ban Fracking Federally. His passion for this petition comes from his run for Senate, not that winning is important to him, he realizes it may be a long shot, but he is doing this to make a point.

Noren says, “A Federal ban on Fracking which will essentially be a U.S. Ban on fracking, is similar if not identical to France’s ban. The EPA issues ‘guidelines’ to Aquatic Buffer Zones for activities that can harm waterways. I would move to pass a Congressional Bill to make this MANDATORY. No other incumbent or Congressional candidate is as strong on this, student loan reform, jobs bill not involving Wall Street, and a comprehensive stepping stone approach to drastically reducing fossil fuels in the next 10 YEARS, not 20. How can we do this? Get me and others elected to Congress to write and pass a ban like France did. We need numbers. You can help by getting your friends to sign also.”

Click Here to sign the petition to Ban Fracking Federally!