Introducing Gandhi’s Be Magazine Artist For Peace Davide Martello, the Pianist Who Calms Tensions in Istanbul


Editor’s Note: Gandhi’s Be Magazine is pleased to add Peace Pianist Davide Martello as one of our featured Artists For Peace. We had the opportunity to meet Davide in Europe this summer as he met with Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Arun Gandhi and shared about his work playing for peace and easing tensions in Istanbul.

New York Times: Pianist Davide Martello Calms Tensions in Istanbul

After days of being the target of tear gas and police water cannons, protesters in Gezi Park, in Taksim Square here, were tense on Wednesday night, girded for conflict. Instead they got a piano performance.

Davide Martello, a German musician in the new age, Paul Winter mold, arrived with a three-man team, hauling a grand piano in a trailer. After unloading the instrument and placing it inside the entry to the park, he began to play.

People stopped to listen. The restless crowd began to calm and organize around Mr. Martello. Soon photos and videos of the performance were zinging around the globe, ending up on blogs, online news sites and Facebook pages.

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Huffington Post: Pianist Davide Martello Plays In Taksim Square

Davide Martello Istanbul

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