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Editor’s Note: We had the honor of meeting Dr. Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC at Sister Jenna’s America Meditating Radio Retreat at Peace Village and she has recently joined Gandhi’s Be Magazine as a blogger. Dr. Amelia is the author of “From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® – Alternative Holistic Descriptions & Healing Processes for 170 Mental & Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide!” and she serves as CEO of The Sacretherapy® Institute. You can learn more about Dr. Amelia’s work by listening to her regular radio show which airs on Unity Radio and Om Times Radio or visit or 

Dr. Amelia KempTell us about your journey.  What inspired you along your spiritual journey, and what inspired you to activate your personal mission as a psychotherapist and metaphysician? What have you learned from the journey and experience along the way? Any unexpected challenges or surprises along the way?

In hindsight I realize now that my awareness that I was embarking upon a spiritual journey began early, as a child, having come out of your typical dysfunctional family system, seeking to understand and find God as I tried seven or eight religions, looking for redemption and transcendence from the aspects of myself that I was told was bad, hoping to find the good. Thus, having experienced the good, the bad and the ugly experiences in life I became more and more aware of the limitations of mankind’s perception of who or what we were to one another and who or what we were to God. And most importantly how to connect and utilize the energy we call God as an omnipotent Source of restoration. As such, when I couldn’t find the answers that I sought in religions, I tried psychotherapy. It was helpful but unable to fully restore me to a sustained place of well-being. So at my wits end, I struggled with a dilemma – unable to find sustained relief in religious or psychological pursuit. But fortunately, I was unwilling to give up, certain that an answer could be found.

Thus, unknowingly through my own life journey and even becoming a psychotherapist it inadvertently became my mission to find the missing link – an answer that could realign myself and my clients back to the fullness of who I hoped we all were. And sure enough, in my personal quest to seek this knowledge I came upon metaphysical teachings that helped me to discover a branch of healing called “holism” which taught me the difference between religion and spirituality. This was such a surprise since at that time I didn’t realize that religion was actually man-made and outside of me, whereas spirituality was within me since I am born with a soul. Thus, I learned I was a spiritual being regardless if I ever participated in any religion. So spirituality, I came to understand was the missing link in all the psychotherapy I had undergone and it was also the missing link in the religions I had pursued prior to metaphysics. I discovered through metaphysics that with spirituality I did not have to get something bad out of me but instead discovered something good was already inside of me – that was sacred, divine and sustainable. I learned that the details of our lives were a sacred matter and that healing could be too – this is what inspired me to pursue and offer holistic healing and coin the term “Sacretherapy®” (pronounced sacred-therapy with a silent d) and write the book: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® – Alternative Holistic Descriptions & Healing Processes for 170 Mental & Emotional Diagnoses Worldwide.

Tell us more about “From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy®” and what inspired this framework and philosophy for your work as you are helping others to discover their sacredness as souls dealing with earthly/physical/psychological realities. Tell us a little more about how psychotherapy to “sacretherapy®” has impacted your patients and some of the successes that have truly touched those involved.

I coined the term Sacretherapy® as stated above because I believed our lives were created of a sacred matter that manifests into the details of each individual life at the level of thought. And saw how the label of a mental or emotional diagnosis was such a self-esteem deflater. So I believed that if I could get rid of the word “disorder” and offer new meaning that I would in turn offer new hope and new relief by describing life experiences in holistic terms. And as such, I found that Sacretherapy® was helping my clients realign with their most sacred selves by releasing conditioning, memes and language that often caused people to begin their physical journeys with a flawed initiation into the physical. I was able to help clients to think of themselves a whole (holistic) beings and reinitiate themselves with an expanded broader view of their life experiences. This of course included the spiritual aspects of their being from a metaphysical and spiritual perspective that was universal and honors all paths. That in turn, allowed them to release the self-reproach that so many encountered as they tried their earnest to live the life they were told they had to “supposedly live” by another’s judgment, and instead give themselves permission to live the life that they came forth to live. Ultimately, Sacretherapy® was re-instilling hope and belief in the promise that the quality of life they sought (even prior to incarnating into the physical realm) was still possible, that it was not too late to realign with the divine, regardless if they were rich or poor, famous or unknown.

Likewise, its been such a joy to see clients able to finally love themselves, releasing self-hatred and see the manifestations in their lives completely different. Its also good to witness clients reduce and sometimes completely release medication as they become more and more into alignment with the fullness of their being. So its been varied with each client or person that’s read the book where I’ve seen clients forgive themselves for what some might consider unforgivable – despite their mistakes, since in Sacretherapy® they learn that they are so much more than their mistakes (big and small). I have also seen clients completely change careers feeling the relief of going for their dreams versus what society or their families wanted for them. And equally important if not most importantly to me, I have seen clients reconnect with the Creator in ways that are un-measurable and simply divine – even those that considered themselves atheist or agnostic have shared that Sacretherapy® has freed them to embrace “spirituality” versus religion happy to acknowledge that an unconditional creative energy permeates them too – despite the myriad names and dogma often ascribed.

How has your experience working with patients on the psychotherapy to sacretherapy journey changed your life, your outlook, your interactions with others or the planet? And what do you hope others can learn from your work and experience?

It has been most validating and transforming because it definitely let me know that I was not the only one that had been seeking these sacred holistic solutions. And how once “we do seek, we really do find God” in all the matter that has manifested in the world. As such, my heart has definitely been enlarged in that I feel that I now love the entire world and all of its inhabitants. Being a psychotherapist and metaphysician has truly shown me that we each have a sacred story waiting to be shared with hopes of it being received with compassion, agape love and acceptance – worts and all! Thus, it is my hope that as any soul journeys from psychotherapy to Sacretherapy that they will reconnect with their goodness, wholeness and greatest self-esteem, knowing that they are equal to every other soul on the planet as individualized expressions of that which we call God.

Tell us a little more about your work with The Sacretherapy Institute, what inspired it and what you hope to accomplish…

The Sacretherapy® Institute initially became a division of The Southern Institute for Family and Community Preservation, Inc. and was created as a result of my book: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy…. Then as I began lecturing about the book I met mental health professionals and clergy that were very excited about my work and wanted to become what I call “Sacretherapists” versus just being psychotherapists. So I decided to create training for those interested to become Certified Sacretherapy® Practitioners for mental health professionals and Certified Sacretherapy® Educators for clergy and alternative spiritual healers. The goal is to ultimately have a Directory of Sacretherapists® all around the world that anyone could access from the Sacretherapy® website. The Sacretherapy® Institute also encourages clinicians and clergy from around the world to send their outcomes in using the Sacretherapy® model to our Sacretherapy® Research Databank.

What’s next along the journey?

The Sacretherapy® Institute will continue its mission to relieve and uplift mankind and has a new project that we are about to launch with regards to helping humanity feel its value and worth even more so. As I’ve lectured around the country I have heard some of the most amazing stories about how so many people feel so insignificant instead of important in comparison to society’s “pick of the litter” often being the rich or famous. So we will target those that have especially experienced the taboos and stigma of any type of mental or emotional diagnosis or are souls that came forth as just non-conformist – they really do feel badly about themselves. And so, this project is about building self-esteem in ways that I hope sends a message globally deep within humanities heart, where generations to come will feel the vibrational resonance so much that babies that are millenniums away will be impacted and born into acceptance and belief that they are sacred beings that matter!

Do you have anything else you would like to share with Gandhi’s Be Magazine readers?

Yes, as I stated in my book, having been a psychotherapist for 20 years, I have treated people from all races, religions and creeds and have observed that out of all the things that mankind fears, what we fear most is each other. We don’t trust each other to do right by one another having observed some of the most unaligned manifestations of matter in the world. So, what I hope I am able to do with The Sacretherapy® Institute is to help mankind understand that we can regain our trust of one another by acknowledging that as co-creators there is within all mankind a sacred source that is peaceful, nurturing and restorative. And therefore, any of the lower vibrational matter that manifested and often hurt mankind, occurred only when someone was not in alignment with the fullness of who they are, and, didn’t understanding their inherent connection to the Source of our being. No one is aligned 24/7 and no one is unaligned 24/7 and therefore everyone can always realign in any given moment when they remember who they are at their core.

So we would be wise to not judge each other so swiftly and thereby understand that in order to honor Gandhi’s wisdom to “be the change you want to see” it means acquiring a transformational awareness of who one sees themselves as being in the first place” and aligning with that elevated soulful perception. As such, seeking our alignment in humane ways by simply shifting our energy in soulful ways via our thoughts, since all creation begins with a thought. And likewise, all transformation begins with one’s inner thoughts too. If we understand that one thought can take us out of alignment and another thought can bring us back. So as we move forward with our desire for “social change” may we begin creating new life with a new thought that is in alignment with peace, equality and love for all of mankind. Saying to oneself, for instance, the affirmation: “I see the world as a peaceful place that embraces and honors all souls equally and lovingly. And so it is!” That kind of thought shifts energy to a higher vibration where we see each other as the wonderful sacred co-creators that we are. And in our sacredness we summon compassion for one another and are able to forgive each other for our mistakes, understanding here again, that we are so much more than our mistakes as a nation and as an individual, and so are all others. It is with this awareness that the Sacretherapy® Institute’s lectures, workshops, retreats, my book and radio show all share this goal which is to remind mankind of its inherent value and worth by declaring that “you’re not sick – you’re sacred” and that by aligning with the soul is what makes us whole! Namaste!


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