“Retreat & Reconnect to Liberate & Love Your Authentic Self” – RETREAT SERIES: PART THREE


by Dr. Andrea Pennington

Can you imagine how good it would feel to wake up every morning with enthusiasm about your day, optimism about your future and a sense of joy for just being alive?

How wonderful would it feel to have a sense of peace and true happiness no matter what is going on in the world outside of you?

Would you like to have more confidence that you can achieve success at work and in your personal relationships?

Can you imagine going to bed at night saying, “I love my life!” even when circumstances seem less than perfect?

This kind of life IS possible.

Total wellness and authentic happiness are your natural birthrights and they are yours to reclaim – now!   Believe it!

You have the power to live with more purpose, passion and peaceful productivity than you know. Despite what chaos or confusion is going on in the outside world, your inner world can provide you with wisdom, confidence and resilience to move forward and transform your world to match the vision you have for more joy, vitality and success.

Inner peace is achieved by reconnecting to your Source, the Soul or higher self that is always connected to infinite wisdom and encouragement. I believe that the transformation of our outer world begins with re-aligning with and reclaiming your true identity. When you are living from your Source, with deep knowing of who you really are, you can move forward with purpose and conviction.

Living Your True Purpose

So often we are conditioned to live inside of a predefined set of rules and expectations. We are forced to live inside a box.

We are told what to think, what to like, who to marry, what to study, what career to choose and where to live. At some point our lives do not feel like our own. Living some inauthentic version of ‘normal’ leaves us depressed, stressed and even suicidal. We either conform or shrivel up and wither away becoming sick.

In my case, I lived with depression for many years. I hid it, like so many people do, until I couldn’t take it – or fake it – anymore.

I know personally why we so easily give up on ourselves and our dreams. It’s easier to go along with the crowd, aim to please our parents and avoid standing out. And for those who do rebel and break free, marching to the beat of our own drum comes with a high cost. Feeling unfulfilled, or like an outcast, alienated from family and friends, the emotional cost of rebellion can be devastating.

So, where do you begin to live an awakened, empowered life?

Become who you really are!

What if you could take steps today to remember who you really are &

who you were meant to be before the programming and socialization process took hold?

What if by living from your inner strengths and talents and authentic character traits that soon your friends and family could acknowledge that you were right all along so that everyone could benefit as you live who you truly are?

What if you could come to love who you are, right now, thus shining a light of self-acceptance that sets others free to do the same?

This is what the world is calling us to do. We are now being called to put our ethics and values into action. We must dig deep, go beyond suffering, programming and doubt to allow our soul’s energy and drive to kick in.

We can become the peaceful warrior, the nonviolent activist, the brave soul who takes a powerful stand for what we believe in. By returning to our core, Divine self, we reclaim inner peace. And when inner peace is accomplished, world peace is achieved.

I invite you to join me and some dynamic, beautiful souls for a spiritual journey and special retreat in Peru this July. Together we will rediscover your innate ability for vitality, resilience and authentic power.

If you’d like a little taste of what I’m talking about, please download the free audiobook and ebook here. Your soul is calling!

To your vitality,

Dr. Andrea Pennington


Retreat Teaser Article Schedule:

Jan 16 – Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC – Sacretherapy® – A Sacred Retreat to Inner Peace: If We Could Just Be Still!

Mon. Jan 30 – Dr. Ivan Figueroa – Retreating with “Spirituality 103: The Forgiveness Code – Finding the Light In Our Shadows”

Mon. Feb 13 – Dr. Andrea Pennington – A Re-Treat: How To Liberate & Love Your Authentic Self

Mon. Feb 27 – Missy Crutchfield – Gandhi’s Be the Change – A Retreat for World Peace and Non-Violence

Mon. Mar 13 – Antoine Chevalier, Ph.D., MPP, HK – How Retreats Unlock “Hidden Powers of Creation”

Mon. Mar 27 – Edwige Bingue, Ph.D. – Retreating To A Sacred Space Where It’s Understood: “You’re Not Crazy – You’re Awakening”

Mon. Apri 10 – Melissa Turner – Photo-Linguistics: Looking Through the Lens of Peace – Do You See What I See?

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