“How Retreats Unlock ‘Hidden Powers of Creation’ ” – RETREAT SERIES: PART FIVE

Source: Conscious Life Expo

by Dr. Antoine Chevalier

There is no world peace without inner peace. The term “Inner Peace,” which was always a slippery, hard-to-define notion, has fallen out of favor in the (for lack of a better phrase) spiritual community. And if such a phrase is indeed lacking, it’s because the new generation of authors, therapists, thinkers, and laypeople are still in the process of coming up with a framework to replace or at least refine the “New Age” notion of “Inner Peace” Therapist, educator, and author Antoine Chevalier is charting new terrain in the spiritual realm by boldly searching for solid ground on which matters of the spirit and hard science can coexist peacefully, even symbiotically.

Hidden Powers of Creation: How Your Thoughts Shape Your Reality makes an important contribution to the field by applying a scientific lens to a candid and sometimes personal discussion of consciousness and the mind, Eastern spiritual practices, and the kind of fascinating, inexplicable phenomena lumped into the general category of “parapsychology.” The premise of the book is that we fail to utilize the full range of our mental abilities – that certain aspects or functions of the mind can be honed to improve our well-being and even, miraculously- seeming, affect the physical universe around us.
Chevalier is refreshingly honest about his own uncertainty and his investigative approach consists of a careful, measured, scholarly weighing of the evidence. He acknowledges that science is yet to account for many of the things he practices and witnesses, but posits that in time, as research in quantum mechanics and human consciousness advances, the evidence will emerge. Indeed, there is a strong if not conclusive body of evidence already growing. The book’s scientific survey is just that—a survey—and could benefit from greater depth and breadth, but it’s a solid introduction befitting the work’s compact size.
But Hidden Powers of Creation is not merely an academic tome. Chevalier imbues it with personal accounts of his difficult childhood in France and his early forays into spirituality, such as meditation and fasting, which he credits for empowering him to overcome early hardship. Some of Hidden Powers’ most eloquent passages appear when Chevalier recounts these moments of darkness that pushed him toward the light and to finally mature into unity consciousness within and reach genuine inner peace. Certain questions are left unanswered, which is sometimes frustrating, but that ambiguity doesn’t undermine the biographical narrative or the author’s candor.

It’s a challenge to try to bridge two camps (the scientifically minded and the spiritually minded) and unify multiple genres within one title, but Chevalier’s effort is a commendable one that hopefully encourages others to blaze the same trail.

On the spiritual side, the way I help my fellow human beings reach inner peace is through my own healing modality called “holographic mediation.” Although many people have mediumship abilities, to my knowledge, I am the only one in the world who possesses this particular ability. It’s designed chiefly as a mental health therapy but specifically serves to alleviate two of the biggest human fears: the fear that life ceases upon death and the fear of being alone. It achieves this by enabling the patient to SEE and “converse” with a deceased loved one.

​To start, I sit across from you, and we look into each other’s eyes. For two or three minutes, we sit like that, saying nothing. If you’ve ever undergone an exercise of this sort—maintaining unbroken eye contact with someone—it can be a powerful, revelatory, highly intimate experience, even in the absence of psychoenergetic or extrasensory abilities.

​Once I have the person’s permission, I create two bio-energy fields (Torus fields): one including me and you and a smaller one surrounding me. You, then, are in my game with certain rules such as: nothing detrimental to you or me can enter the big bio-energy sphere and only Spirits of your departed loved ones in good standing with the universe are allowed to project him/herself holographically on the smaller bio-energy field, using its plasma. The spirits of your departed loved ones (one by one) will then successfully manifest and become visible to you. Additionally, you can talk to and ask questions of the deceased, with me as a mediator/facilitator. I will listen telepathically to what he/she has to communicate to you in order to achieve reconciliation and eliminate grief or any other negative emotions attached to whatever misunderstandings, conflicts you have not been able to resolve before his/her passing. You will permanently experience a deeper stronger level of inner peace.

​To me, this phenomenon is further evidence that we live in a holographic reality. But, as you probably already figured it out, this advanced unique spiritual service is mainly designed for mental health purposes and spiritual growth by offering the living proof that there is life after death. It’s also a reminder that the balances or imbalances we create during our lifetimes can follow us after.

​In the most profound way, in less than 3 minutes, you life will expand permanently by eliminating forever wrong limited beliefs about death, you, and life in general. You will never be able to live your life the same way you used to. You will permanently be uplifted, closer to your true self and freer from negativity.

​It is important to notice that I do not call anything IN and my face does not change. This is not channeling and this is not physical transfigurational mediumship. It is called holographic mediation. I do not recommend you trying this at home. It took me decades of intense training to master it and be able to offer this unique service for people, safely, effectively and efficiently, for spiritual growth, mental health, inner peace, through a 2 minute life changing experience.

Learn more at www.healedandhappy.net.

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