“A Retreat for World Peace and Nonviolence” – RETREAT SERIES: PART FOUR


by Missy Crutchfield
Editor-in-Chief, Gandhi’s Be Magazine
Co-Founder, Gandhi Global Center For Peace

I recently spoke at this year’s Global Social Change Summit about this crucial moment we are living in and our opportunity for “Nurturing The Future.” As Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Gandhi’s Be Magazine, we focus on global compassion and peace through nonviolence.

I believe once our awareness and compassion become heightened, we realize we must extend these beyond human to human– to the Earth, including all inhabitants. That’s why Gandhi’s Be Magazine wanted to give a name to our Gandhi-inspired nonviolence work taking it from “Be The Change” to “#VTheChange” illustrating that veganism is truly the intersection of all intersections. I personally believe if Gandhi were alive today, veganism, true compassion/ahimsa, would be the current issue for nonviolence on which he would be focused. We believe that once our compassion is deepened and our awareness heightened, all roads lead to nonviolence–nonviolence for each other, the animals and the Earth–taking compassion to our plates and through our consumption embracing humanity at the highest level. This is the beginning of turning the downward spiral up, and creating a pathway for global peace through nonviolence…

I believe the most radical action we can take to “Change the System” is to become vegan. Change begins with our consumption and ends with our actions. One of my favorite authors and activists is Alice Walker. Her quote about the animals has inspired me for years. She says, “The Animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.”

Let us be mindful of these ideas and embrace our highest calling and purpose: True compassion and true nonviolence for all Gods children, all Gods creatures and for our planet, Mother Earth. We only have one Earth, and one ecosystem that supports all life. We must stop separating ourselves from nature and embrace the love and beauty around us with compassion and nonviolence.

I’m honored to be part of a movement for world and Earth change through nonviolence and to be sharing it here with so many amazing women and men—our brothers and sisters– around the world. We’re all awakening and connecting together. Mahatma Gandhi said, “My Life Is My Message.” Let our message be about peace and love…We are the ones we have been waiting for… #WeAreOne

Join us in Peru this summer as we launch “GAIA Talks: The Earth Speaks”–a global conversation about nonviolence as a way of life as we embrace true compassion for people, planet, and the animals.


Retreat Teaser Article Schedule:

Jan 16 – Amelia Kemp, Ph.D., LMHC – Sacretherapy® – A Sacred Retreat to Inner Peace: If We Could Just Be Still!

Mon. Jan 30 – Dr. Ivan Figueroa – Retreating with “Spirituality 103: The Forgiveness Code – Finding the Light In Our Shadows”

Mon. Feb 13 – Dr. Andrea Pennington – A Re-Treat: How To Liberate & Love Your Authentic Self

Mon. Feb 27 – Missy Crutchfield – Gandhi’s Be the Change – A Retreat for World Peace and Non-Violence

Mon. Mar 13 – Antoine Chevalier, Ph.D., MPP, HK – How Retreats Unlock “Hidden Powers of Creation”

Mon. Mar 27 – Edwige Bingue, Ph.D. – Retreating To A Sacred Space Where It’s Understood: “You’re Not Crazy – You’re Awakening”

Mon. Apri 10 – Melissa Turner – Photo-Linguistics: Looking Through the Lens of Peace – Do You See What I See?

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