“Retreating to a sacred space where it is understood “You’re Not Crazy, You’re Awakening” – RETREAT SERIES: PART SIX


by Dr. Edwidge Bingue, Msc.D

Spiritual Abstract

Peace is defined as one being able to reach a state of tranquility or as having freedom from disturbances in a place of quietness. It is not impossible and can be obtained through mastery over the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Once we remove the chains of false boundaries and limitations. There lies a deeper aspect of your being only found in our stillness when we explore that sacred energy within.

Not so easy to do when our daily lives are filled with so much confusion and turmoil. From the stress of work or personal responsibilities, paying bills, relationship dilemmas, issues, or even the raising of families. The one thing needed is being able to set aside a quiet moment away from the constant pulls and distractions. Yet it is the last thing we get to do. We continue to go around in circles and hopefully one day we begin to realize that something must change.

When Inner-Peace Is Accomplished – World Peace Is Achieved!”

Finding your sacred space

It really doesn’t matter whether that place for you is a section off to the side in your home, one that is decorated with flowers, pictures, fragrances, crystal stones, or if you choose a secluded more scenic area outdoors. It will be your own and in it will be the relationship you build with the Creator. It is really all about the connection and centering in the moment of now wherever you are. Because as you continue to practice in your chosen space a vortex of energy will be created every time you enter into the sacred space of your heart to renew you, raise your vibration, and protect you. While preparing you to hold the light that shines brightly for yourself and when you are ready you will be able to share love and light with others. When inner peace is accomplished world peace is achieved.

From your unique experiences reach into your sacred space learn to trust and let go

As we become more skilled at entering sacred space there are some amazing things that tend to happen. We not only experience the endless flow of the love in oneness, there is also the discovery of new worlds beyond the familiar perceptions we are taught to accept and believe. Especially when we let go of those misconceptions and are able to trust and rely on the guidance we get from within.

One night as I slept peacefully, I felt the presence of something or someone in my bedroom watching from the foot of my bed. I opened my eyes, and there he was, a being of light towering eight feet tall: a giant, at least from the standpoint of a petite eighty-pound twelve-year-old girl. He was pale, almost transparent, with small ears set high on each side of his face. His nose was small, barely noticeable, and he wore a long white robe. He was never intimidating to me. In fact, he was quite loving. We communicated telepathically and I never feared for my safety or my life. I knew I was safe.

This was when I learned how to leave my body. I’ll never forget the first time I saw myself lying in bed sleeping. At the same time I was hovering above my body thinking,’ how am I doing that? I remember floating down our hallway into my parent’s room, seeing my mom asleep. I tried to wake her, but she did not cooperate. Off I went out her bedroom window into the night sky. I discovered myself flying amongst the stars, looking out at creation. Then I would land on a bridge, and dive into the ocean depths.

From the mind of a child at the age of twelve who is simply sharing an incredible experience of contact with angels or higher dimensional light beings one of visitations engaging in and understanding telepathic communications. Flying into the Universe or surviving a dive into the depths of the ocean.

It’s not the type of story you would hear in everyday conversations, actually if it were a conversation overheard in passing someone might say it sounded like part of a movie scene or a story made up by the child with a vivid imagination or even that the person telling the story might be a little crazy.

So when you are ready to step quietly into your sacred space, don’t be surprised as to what discoveries await you!

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