“Stop the Insanity!”


“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln

Our nation is afflicted with a pernicious disease of aggression.

Like an organism with an autoimmune response that pits antigens against healthy tissue, our country is assaulting its own communities with anger, resentment, accusations and malice.

A body attacking itself will never be sound.

With the pretense of restoring health, we are only making conditions worse. Rather than seeking accord, we confront those who question our methods with the tenacity of a trapped animal. Even more alarming is that, at the risk of compromising the integrity of our host body, Americans are even willing to ignore symptoms of decline to continue the course. The evidence is everywhere.

Do you remember Susan Powter, the closely-sheared blonde powerhouse from the 90s? Her catchphrase, “Stop the Insanity!”, comes to mind whenever I turn on the TV, radio or internet these days. The measures we’ve stooped to practice are insane. We have become a country that relentlessly attacks itself on most every issue and still expects to gain ground. When listening to and reading the constant barrage of disparaging rants, rages, insults and innuendos, one could conclude that many Americans are out of their mind. That is, we must be out of our coordinate, peace-seeking minds, and spellbound by some alternate reality to think that we can thrive by creating havoc.

Currently, the state of America’s health appears critical, but it has been a long time coming. Our nation has been besieged by growing conflict for more than two hundred years. Yet, relief can only begin if we realize that to persist is not only futile, but self-destructive.

We cannot gain ground and become a more stable and abundant land by repeatedly sabotaging each other’s efforts to improve, by clinging to stories that are fundamentally flawed, and by further committing undue time, money and resources to prove each other wrong. Rather than improve, we have created a plague of opposing forces that threatens to undermine any possible progress. If we are ever to restore health to our precious land, it’s crucial we accept current methods of hostility as self-defeating and begin to seek a remedy.

We must create a viable solution to our current malady.

Furthermore, by admitting our dis-ease is chronic and still believing that more conflict will restore health would be insane.

With willingness, we can achieve balance. If we can agree on the basic premise that we are all seeking security, comfort, peace and happiness and be willing to suspend untenable methods for more equitable ones, we will all benefit.

Imagine a nation that is cohesive, stable, adaptable, and thriving (indulge me and stretch your imagination). Like ecosystems in nature that function to create a vital environment, we are capable of thriving as a country if we would set aside our differences for the sake of long-term health. We have no choice. At the current rate of depletion, we must self-correct if we are ever to thrive.

Humanity can create societies in which we coexist peacefully. Despite what you may have been taught, it is our nature to do so. We don’t have to be fearful and we don’t have to give up our identity or principles, we just have to concede that “united we stand and divided we fall”.

Regardless of what the outcome on November 8, we must find a way to achieve more balance and improve our lives. Four more years of dissention will only further weaken us as a nation and create greater obstacles to peace.


  1. I could not agree more. My prayer is that your vision can be shared with as many people as possible and a new more positive direction will be the direction for our country for the next 40 years.
    I am proud and honored to be your family

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