Have you taken the pledge? Veganuary Kicks Off Month-long Campaign for Going Vegan


Veganuary kicks off its fourth year in 2018 encouraging people to try vegan for January. Going “Vegan” is one of the fastest growing trends and is slated to be “the trend” of 2018.

Veganuary’s founders, Jane and Matthew, knew that month-long pledges were not unusual, but felt that it could be done differently, and perhaps more successfully, by focusing on the month of January; a time for resolutions and new beginnings as going “Vegan” is one of the most effective choices a person can make to reduce the suffering of animals, help the planet and improve personal health.

Veganuary.com is the largest website of its kind on the web. With vegan recipes, expert advice and information, it provides all the answers to Why go vegan, but it is the support offered to answer “How to go vegan” that truly sets Veganuary apart.

Learn more at www.Veganuary.com.