“The Meatrix” Vegan Cartoon Series Raises Awareness About Factory Farming Issues


“The Meatrix” uses popular culture satire and viral video to create awareness about Factory Farming issues…

Missy Crutchfield and Melissa Turner
Founding Editors
Be Magazine | www.bemagazine.org

One of our favorite YouTube videos to watch is “The Meatrix,” a cartoon web series produced by GRACE Communications Foundation and Free Range Studios as a unique marketing tool to reach younger audiences with the message of “Factory Farming” awareness.

Long before documentary films like “Food Inc.” took Factory Farming issues mainstream, “The Meatrix” viral web series took online advocacy to a new level. With the help of “Moopheus” and “Leo,” the film series “The Meatrix” entertains audiences with a satire of the popular film “The Matrix” while educating them about the latest issues in Factory Farming and real solutions to promote sustainable agriculture and locally grown, organic food.

“The Official Meatrix I”

“The Meatrix II: Revolting”

“The Meatrix II 1/2”

“The Meatrix Relaunched”

According to Sustainable Table who launched “The Meatrix” series in 2003, the videos have educated over 30 million consumers about the problems caused by factory farms. Since then, interest in sustainable food has grown, but so have the number of factory farms. To take action and help spread awareness, visit: www.themeatrix.com/action/view/1

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