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Step Two: Learn More

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Gandhi’s Be Magazine #VTheChange Roadmap to the Vegan Way of Life

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Step Three: Take Action

Take the Vegan Pledge! www.vthechange.org
Then take your activism to your plate & to the streets!

Strategies for sharing the message

1) Talk to People. If you talk to three people a day, in one year you will have reached 1,095 people directly. The exponential number from that one simple action is astounding, as the conversation and change ripples out. This movement is so powerful and timely that the people you “wake up” will be inspired to be peace ambassadors as well. We would literally change the world and save the planet through waking people up and inspiring them to “Be the Change” and #VTheChange.

2) Share Posts on Social Media. Make the commitment to share and spread three, or more if you can, social media posts and conversations a day.

3) Pass Out Literature, Pamphlets & Vegan-Approved Shopping Lists. Don’t forget to speak with your grocery store and give them your lists of vegan items to include in their purchasing. They are actually really good about adding things and their surveys are coming back in favor of this vegan revolution!

Tactics for sharing the message

___Talk to your school lunch programs.
___Talk to the nursing homes and assisted living establishments.
___Talk to the prisons.
___Talk to legislators, councils, leadership teams, organizations, and businesses you
spend time and money with.
___Talk to your boards.
___Talk to your investment brokers.
___Talk to your families.
___Talk to your religious establishment.
___Talk to your friends.
and then…
___Take it to the streets… Vote!
Vote compassion. Vote change. Vote to end the violence.

Additional Information & Resources

For additional information and resources to help you share the Vegan Revolution with other people through social media and email, visit Gandhi’s Be Magazine’s Vegan 101 page www.bemagazine.org/vegan

Social Media Tools, Hashtags & Images

Mass Media theorist Marshall McLuhan once said, “The medium is the message.” From the Arab Spring to the Black Lives Matter movements, we have witnessed the power of social media and personal technology to spread the message, leverage personal networks and circles of influence, and collectively create the largest social and environmental movements in history. It’s all about creating the opportunity for change, connecting the people, collaborating the efforts, and communicating the successes!

Facebook Community for the Vegan Revolution

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Images for the Vegan Revolution

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Step Four: Share Your Successes

We want to share far and wide what you are doing to #VTheChange, Go Vegan, and support the forward momentum of the Vegan Revolution. We invite you to submit your stories, projects, campaigns, photos, videos, music, and more to be featured on Gandhi’s Be Magazine’s “The Vegan Way of Life” section!

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